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For us, the club of Latitude 55 adherents, who traveled on motorbikes to the most remote corners of the Russian East far beyond the Ural ridge: in Yakutia, the Magadan Region, the Primorsky Territory, it became a need to look for new adventures and directions and share them with our friends from other countries.

Since 2013, thousands of kilometers of roads have remained behind us, including the notorious Old Kolyma tract, which were overcome by enthusiasts from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries who were equally fond of lively communication with nature.


The result of each trip: vivid, unforgettable impressions, enthusiastic reviews about what they saw, a desire to plunge into the atmosphere, where your freedom is limited only by your personal capabilities and ambitions, again in the future.

Maxim Anokhin

Therefore, it is not surprising that every year the number of applicants for the conquest of Russian open spaces only increases. And a better tool than a motorcycle to achieve your goals has not been invented.


At some point, we thought, if we are talking about Russia, then it would be very interesting to conquer its open spaces on the legendary Soviet URAL sidecar motorcycle, which can be told about thousands of legends and stories by the fans of this vehicle.


We decided to try to expand the circle of people who are ready to plunge headlong into the romance of bold travels, plunge into the atmosphere of the Russian hinterland and try to understand it with their own minds through their own gut, shaking it on our home near and dear potholes. Moreover, on URAL motorcycles this can be done not alone, but in the company of a person close to you, who before that was afraid to take the passenger's seat on a regular motorcycle and who would be ready to share emotions with the rider to the full extent.

Ural motorcycles


URAL sidecar motorcycle tours in RUSSIA

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