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Max Anokhin

A talented organizer and the soul of the company - Maxim Anokhin goes through the most unusual routes for the club, there are no forbidden roads for him.


This is not surprising - in his work as a sports lawyer, he has to negotiate with a variety of people from all over the world.


Maxim is a submariner with a long history of diving in the northern seas.


He opened many new roads for the club driving his motorcycle.

Raises two sons.

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Alex Bulgach

I love motorcycles and I like to travel even more.

Being an experienced traveler, I’m sure that truly exciting journeys can be made by planning them yourself, laying a route away from large tourist routes and only in the company of people close in spirit and interests.

Together with my colleagues, we really want to combine for you these two greatest pleasures together - riding motorcycle and traveling in our beautiful country!

And there is no better way than doing this on the URAL sidecar motorycle!

Ural motorcycles


URAL sidecar motorcycle tours in RUSSIA

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