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  • 1. Is it different to ride URAL sidecar motorcycle comparing to regular bike?


Yes, it is different, but having skills to ride the regular bike you will have no problem on URAL. Before each tour we will have a short tutorial where we explain and show how to ride URAL.

  • 2. How does the company determine the group size for each trip?

Up to 5 motorcycles and 10 participants plus the guide on motorcycle and support vehicle. To our opinion it's the best size of the group where diversity of age, motorcycle experience and interests ignites instant friendship

  • 3. Do we use highways or secondary roads?

We use secondary paved roads in the 80% of time.

  • 4. Can I ride alone on Ural?

Sure, but it's always better to have someone in the sidecar to share your emotions.

  • 5. In what kind of hotels do we stay?

We always stay in 3-4* hotels.

  • 6. Is there a minimum / maximum age on the tours?

For the riders we have the age limit starting from 24 up to 100 as long as you can manage the bike and you are in a good physical and mental shape. For the sidecar passengers we a have a limit from 12 years old.

  • 7. Is it possible for disabled to take a part in the tour?

Yes it is possible. Upon request, we can arrange for the disabled to participate in the tour as a passenger in a sidecar. For this, he should not have medical contraindications for this type of trip. Conditions and cost are negotiated separately.

  • 8. Do I need visa to come to Russia?

For most of the countries you will need to get a Russian visa. We always provide assistance for our customers in issuing visa.

  • 9. What is the temperature in Russia during the tour?

+20-25 C (68 - 77 F) on average.

  • 10. Do I need international driving license?

It's good to have it, but not mandatory. European, USA, Australia, Canada and most other local driving licenses are ok.

  • 11. How do I pay for the tour?

To reserve a place in a group you should pay a 30% deposit at the time of booking and make a balance payment 2-4 months before tour starts. You can pay with your debit or credit card buy the link that we will send you, or you can make a direct bank transfer in EUR or US Dollars.

  • 12. Do you have riding gear?

On URAL MOTORCYCLE it's not necessary to have special protecting riding gear. Yes, we have helmet for each rider and passenger free of charge. Gloves and rain suits are for sale.

  • 13. Do you provide GPS or paper maps?

Yes, we provide paper maps, tour book (day by day itinerary, hotel list, restaurants, places of interest we stop by, GPS coordinates, contact information, etc.), and GPS track for each tour. You can rent GPS Navigator for extra charge

  • 14. What kind of information prior to tour start is provided through URAL MOTOTRAVEL?

Each customer is provided with a detailed tour booklet which contains all necessary information regarding the trip (information about the country, what to bring, itinerary, maps ...).

  • 15. Is it safe to travel around Russia?

Traveling around Russia with our guides is absolutely safe. At planning a route your safety, and security of your property is our main priority. We know which roads are better for riding, where it is better to stay, and which moments should be avoided. That is why we recommend taking group tours to enjoy this beautiful country keeping yourself out of any risk.

  • 16. What is the alcohol limit in Russia?

The alcohol tolerance in Russia is 0. If you are stopped by police with alcohol in your blood, you will not be allowed to continue the tour and your motorcycle will be confiscated. The policy of URAL MOTOTRAVEL is not to allow alcohol before and during riding.

  • 17. What about communications? Can I check my email while on tour?

At the present day mobile phone coverage and Internet are available almost everywhere. Many of our hotels provide free Wi-Fi access in the rooms. In the Far East, communication on the highway disappears in some places.

  • 18. Do people speak English in Russia?

In Russia everyone speaks Russian and there are also local languages in different regions. In large cities, good hotels and restaurants that we have chosen for you usually have English speaking staff. But the most important thing is that our guides on motorcycles and local guides in the cities speak English, so you will feel comfortable throughout the tour and do not miss anything.

  • 19. What are the features of Russian cuisine?

The Russian cuisine is very diverse. The food is not spicy, mostly meat, fish or poultry with side dishes of potatoes, rice, pasta, vegetables.

Some of the most famous dishes are borshch and shchi (soup, usually in meat broth with vegetables), ukha (fish-soup; the best – fresh fish cooked in a pot on an open fire), pelmeni or dumplings (they are pastry dumplings are typically filled with minced meat and wrapped in a thin, pasta-like dough), blini or pancakes is a national dish of Russia, salad Olivier (salad of finely chopped vegetables, eggs, sausage), beef Stroganoff (chopped beef chunks stewed in cream sauce), Shashlyk (Russian kebab - pieces of meat roasted on charcoal), pies with various fillings (meat, fish, vegetables and sweet), plov (seasoned rice with meat).

And kvass… It is a refreshing fermented beverage with slight carbonation. Although it has a very slight alcohol content, it is not considered an alcoholic beverage. It is made from black or regular rye bread.

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