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Moscow - St.Petersburg classic tour

The perfect way to discover classical Russian nature, cuisine and culture

on a famous Russian URAL sidecar.

A bit of romance...

"Having dined with my friends, I went to the wagon".


With this phrase, written almost 230 years ago, A.N. Radishchev, a Russian writer, poet, translator and philosopher, begins his most famous work, Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow.


Today's traveler, who decided to overcome the same seven hundred and fifty miles from the throne to the northern capital in the places described by Radishchev, gets a chance to repeat the words of the Russian writer.


But today they will sound like this: "Having dined with my friends, I got into URAL sidecar motorcycle and ..."


And then ... Everyone who embarks on a journey will have indelible impressions, unforgettable meetings, amazing landscapes that have not lost their beauty over the past two-plus centuries.

7 days/ 6 nights Moscow - St.Petersburg classic tour

With your own eyes you will see the places where Peter the Great’s retinue raced, delivering the emperor to the new capital, bearing his name, where the great Pushkin, on road potholes, rhymed the lines to his Eugene Onegin, getting from Moscow to the Neva shores for seven days…

Here every kilometer, every mile has a rich history. And those who repeat the journey will surely write their page in this story. And the road, as they say, is overpowered by the going one. In our case, the one who is riding a URAL sidecar motorcycle.

Our journey will take place away from the noisy highways. We will visit small ancient Russian cities, filled with real Russian spirit and history. We will taste all kinds of Russian cuisine delicacies, visit a traditional Russian sauna (banya) and enjoy the beauty of Russian nature. 
You will definitely not be bored!

Tour programs and duration:


Moscow - St.Petersburg tour

7 days/ 6 nights classic tour on a brand-new 2020 URAL sidecar.

Price: 2 500 Eur

Tour duration:

7 days


St.Petersburg - Moscow tour

7 days/ 6 nights classic tour on a brand-new 2020 URAL sidecar.

Price: 2 500 Eur

Tour duration:

7 days

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