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URAL sidecar motorcycle, of course, is one of the greatest symbols of the USSR and to this day preserves its status in modern Russia.

For many years it has been a reliable assistant in the difficult path of the development of Russia and the entire territory of the former Soviet Union. Having unprecedented cross-country ability on the road, it made possible people’s transportation and cargo delivery to remote and inaccessible areas.

Now the URAL sidecar motorcycle is known and loved around the world!

In 2019, the legendary Irbit factory keeps producing a URAL sidecar motorcycle, which retained everything that it had been loved for all these decades and remained itself.

At the same time, currently manufactured URAL sidecar motorcycle is equipped with modern technical equipment, such as an injection system, modern disc brakes, a hydraulic steering damper, an electric starter, etc.



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While driving a modern URAL sidecar motorcycle, you will get an indescribable pleasure, which you can share with your passenger, who is conveniently located on an adjacent chair in a sidecar.

No other motorcycle will allow you to wholeheartedly enjoy the ride as URAL sidecar motorcycle, due to its stability and measured travel.


The modern URAL sidecar motorcycle makes much less demands on driving skills than a regular motorcycle. Yes, the style of driving a sidecar motorcycle has some features, but it is quick and easy to learn.

URAL MOTOTRAVEL Company organize group and individual motorcycle tours in Russia on brand new URAL sidecar motorcycles.


We have compiled excellent routes for you, during which, while driving a URAL motorcycle or remaining a passenger, you can get incomparable pleasure!

Our motorcycle tours include a balanced set of pleasures, in the form of optimal daily runs along beautiful secondary roads, visiting iconic sights along the route, restaurants serving national cuisine, as well as national reserves.


Our guides are extremely friendly and will accompany you all the journey with great pleasure.


We really want to show you Russia not from the window of a car, bus or train! We want you to touch it and imbue with its cordiality, hospitality and magnificence! And there is no better way than doing this on a URAL motorcycle with a sidecar!


Come to Russia and get on the legendary URAL sidecar motorcycle!

We have compiled fascinating routes for you, where you will feel and learn Russia from the inside.

Experience the MOSCOW adventure in a new famous Ural Sidecar motorcycles. Even Ural sidecars are originally made in Soviet Union and everybody knows about them. Our bikes attract so much attention that the smile on your face will stay during the whole tour.

Discover MOSCOW heritage and top view points from a sidecar. Let yourselves be taken to unforgettable voyage during the day or in the glow of the city lights.  With us we guarantee MOSCOW will stay in your heart forever


NEW 2020 URAL CT sidecar motorcycle 

from 65 Eur per 1 day